McCrometer CONNECT Celebrates Smart Irrigation Month – July 2013

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McCrometer CONNECT Celebrates Smart irrigation MonthMcCrometer CONNECT® Celebrates Smart Irrigation Month – 2013

McCrometer CONNECT is celebrating Smart Irrigation Month by helping growers maximize water-use efficiency.

Smart Irrigation Month is a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use. Focused on July, Smart Irrigation Month highlights effective practices and innovative technologies to:

  • Increase crop yield per acre
  • Apply water and nutrient inputs more precisely for improved results with no waste
  • Minimize runoff and top soil erosion
  • Help protect and preserve water supplies for today and the future

McCrometer CONNECT, a leader in smart water-saving practices, is delivering real results by helping growers:

  • Install new irrigation systems that use real-time weather data and soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust watering to meet crop needs
  • Precisely apply water and nutrients to minimize evaporation, runoff and waste
  • Qualify for government financial assistance to conserve ground and surface water, and improve water quality
  • Develop water quality and conservation plans, including resource condition assessment and modeling
  • Reduce irrigation pump fuel consumption
  • Convert to less water-intensive agricultural commodities
  • Meet federal, state, tribal and local environmental regulations
  • Audit irrigation systems to make sure water is being applied consistently

In a recent project, McCrometer CONNECT helped Black Gold Farms increase the efficiency and intelligence of their pivot irrigation systems, improve irrigation scheduling, and minimize the time and effort to get the job done. As Eric Halverson, VP of Technology at Black Gold explained, “The radio network has allowed us to be more efficient operating our irrigation systems, allowing us to save man hours and more importantly do a better job. Data collection is also the foundation of our sustainability program; the McCrometer CONNECT system helps us collect data quickly and accurately.”

For more information about how McCrometer CONNECT can help growers, visit

Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. Visit to learn more.

About McCrometer and Irrigation Management
McCrometer has offered proven flow measurement products to the agricultural markets since 1955. Our focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and product value has placed us as an industry flow measurement technology leader. Our mission is to help our customers improve yield and increase profits, while working to conserve the earth’s natural resources. Due to new demands in the agricultural markets, in 2011 McCrometer branched outside of flow measurement and brings to the market McCrometer CONNECT. Our McCrometer CONNECT products include remote monitoring systems and sensors for irrigation and crop management, offering the widest selection of turnkey solutions including both systems and sensors.

McCrometer’s facilities include: headquarters in Hemet, California, a manufacturing and service center in Aurora, Nebraska, one of the world’s largest volumetric calibration laboratories in Porterville, California and two new telemetry systems and sensors facilities in Davis and Nevada City, California.

Exceptional products, service, and technical expertise, coupled with extensive knowledge across many industries, makes McCrometer the ideal choice for your flow measurement and wireless system and sensor needs.

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