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Literature Library

Download McCrometer CONNECT literature today.
To download the files listed below, please right click on the literature number and hit “save as” or “save link as”. Select the product of interest below to view a list of files that are available.

Sales Brochures:

30120-36 Foundation Level Application Guide
30120-37 Foundation Level Sensor Guide
30120-38 Foundation Level Package – Automatic Meter Reading
30120-39 Foundation Level Application Package – Basic Pump Monitoring
30120-40 Foundation Level Application Package – Frost Monitoring
30120-41 Foundation Level Application Package – Water Level Monitoring
30120-42 Foundation Level Application Package – Standard Weather
30120-43 Foundation Level Application Package – Basic Weather
30120-76 McCrometer CONNECT Brochure
30120-84 Soil Moisture Monitoring

Case Studies:

30120-87 Black Gold Case Study
30120-88 Briggs & Eggers Case Study

Configuration and Specification Sheets:

24527-38 EA618 Pulse Transmitter Configuration Sheet
30120-73 A753 addWAVE GSM/GPRS Field Monitoring Station Specification Sheet
30120-74 A757 addPULSE GSM/GPRS Field Station Specification Sheet
30120-79 Mini-SAT Premium Specification Sheet
30120-80 Nano-SAT Premium Specification Sheet
30120-81 A755 GPRS SDI-12 Specification Sheet

Data Sheets:

30120-90 Wind Speed Sensor Specification Sheet
30120-91 Rain Gauge_200 and 400 Specification Sheet
30120-92 Level Sensor Specification Sheet
30120-94 Wind Speed And Direction Sensor Specification Sheet
30120-95 Wind Direction Sensor Specification Sheet

White Papers:

30120-89 Powdery Mildew White Paper

All files in our online Library are in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. To view and print these files, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

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