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Software Support Downloads

Multi Mini Configuration Utility
v2.0.37 (Zipped File)
USB Programming Cable (341-1031-181) Driver

Multi Mini LogView Utility
v1.0.7 (Zipped File)

Nano Configuration Utility
v12.17 (Executable, Requires .NET 3.5)
.NET 3.5 (Requires Windows Installer 3.1
Windows Installer 3.1

Frequency Converter Configuration Software
v1.0.0.3 (Executable, Requires .NET 3.0)

v3.2.1 (requires .NET 2.0)
.NET 2.0

Field Commander/Field Vision Real-Time Data Acquisition Software for use with Automata’s Base and Field Stations
v6.22s (Zipped File [85Mb])

Mini Configuration (for Model MINI-P)
v2.08s (Self-Extracting Zip)

Remote Support
In order to help you better, contact McCrometer CONNECT’s tech support department. The remote help will allow one of our technicians to link to your computer and provide you with the support that you need whether it be installation or training. Please call: (800) 220 – 2279.