Basic Weather Monitoring

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Wireless Monitoring Systems

McCrometer CONNECT® offers growers numerous choices in weather monitoring for agricultural irrigation solutions. Wireless irrigation monitoring has never been easier!

The basic weather package extends weather monitoring past the 2 – 3 months that are typically critical for frost protection. The addition of a precipitation gauge will characterize basic environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity and rainfall) for almost any application. Many applications now require more specific environmental conditions for greatest efficiency including the selection of inputs such as fertilizers or chemicals, scheduling of labor resources for fieldwork, or general timing for cultivation practices.

Basic Weather Monitoring The Cell Package*, which features wireless irrigation monitoring for basic weather conditions, offers data every 15 minutes with alarms for critical events. In addition, the short time interval between readings allows for calculation of agronomic variables, such as growing degree days.
Basic Weather Monitoring - Satellite The Satellite Package*, which also features wireless crop monitoring for basic weather conditions, offers data every two hours, in addition to timely alarms when events (such as freezing temperatures) occur.