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If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that no two years are exactly the same for US farmers. Of primary concern for many growers this year is water, or the lack thereof. Farmers are looking for ways to make the most of available water resources and minimize their overall costs. To help them accomplish this, they must find the best method to manage their fields with real-time, accurate indicators; ensuring the entire crop is being watered uniformly to maximize expected crop yield. And finally they are looking for the best, affordable technology to help them solve these, and other, relevant crop management questions.

McCrometer CONNECT sends data right to your smart phone, tablet or PC

For growers, irrigation management decisions are often made on complex sources of information and no one knows that better than McCrometer. McCrometer, trusted partner of the American farmer for over 60 years, has been the leader in agricultural flow measurement. McCrometer now offers McCrometer CONNECT®, a grower’s best choice for monitoring their crops, soil moisture, weather data such as frost and ET, pumps and well levels, pivots and more. McCrometer CONNECT simplifies the data collection process by allowing the information to be read from handheld devices such as tablets or smart phones, or over the internet on their home computers.

 McCrometer CONNECT wireless systems provide growers with accurate data, 24/7, so that they can:

Irrigate Uniformly  •  Irrigate When Needed  •  Avoid Irrigation Issues

McCrometer CONNECT offers wireless irrigation management with Satellite or Cellular technologies

McCrometer CONNECT helps irrigators with wireless crop monitoring

This technology is especially important with today’s challenging climate changes as farmers must be abe to make timely decisions that will ultimately affect crop yield. With McCrometer CONNECT, the data and solutions growers need is right at their fingertips, giving you direct access to this information, connecting you to your fields, systems and data including:
• Monitoring the status of irrigation systems
• Check current conditions in your field
• Set alarms for critical events
• Make timely decisions about labor, water, power, fertilizer, chemicals and other inputs
• Keep accurate records of irrigation events, irrigation run times, depth of irrigation and treatments.

McCrometer CONNECT has the solutions you need with multiple communications options to meet your needs and your budget. Click here for a free quote, and a McCrometer CONNECT specialist will promptly contact you.